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The Science and Technology Center in Jacmel

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Education is a right, but not all have access to the opportunities it affords. In Haiti, the lack of science labs, computer facilities, and libraries inhibits a complete education for many. That’s why we’re embarking on a transformative endeavor – a Science and Technology Center in Jacmel.

This center isn’t just bricks and mortar; it’s a catalyst for change. It’s about providing the youth in Jacmel with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. Here’s what we’re envisioning

Cutting-Edge Education: Equipping the center with the latest technology ensures our youth have access to top-notch STEM education.

More Than Just Classrooms

Imagine a place where learning extends beyond textbooks – a research library brimming with knowledge, a trade school to hone practical skills, a soccer field for physical development, cutting-edge computer, and science labs, an auditorium for lectures and community gatherings, and a robotics lab sparking innovation.

Get Involved

Ready to be part of something groundbreaking? Let’s collaborate and create opportunities that will shape Haiti’s future. Join us in building the Science and Technology Center in Jacmel.

Join Us in Shaping Haiti's Future

This isn’t just a project; it’s an opportunity to transform lives. Your support, endorsement, and involvement can pave the way for a brighter future for Haiti.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We’re nurturing a culture of innovation, inspiring the next generation of leaders to shape a brighter future for Haiti’s communities.

Tech-Empowered Youth

By providing technological skills, we’re enabling our students to compete globally and contribute locally, creating a wave of skilled professionals.

Community Strength

We believe in strengthening communities from the ground up, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and make meaningful contributions.

Extending Compassion Beyond Borders

Charity Begins at Home, But It Shouldn't End There.

Contribute to the leaders of tomorrow, today!

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